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The College Library has been emerging as a Knowledge Resource Centre mainly catering to the needs of the Faculty, Administrative Staff and Students towards accessing information. The Library has been shifted to a spacious and easily accessible area in the building. Our library is housed in a hall of 2000 sqft with good infrastructure. We have more than 6000 Books Available in library for quality education; as well as Journals, Encyclopedia and many more magazines.


  • To provide a student-centred learning environment that facilitates transference of information and to cater to the needs of its users to access it.
  • Reprographic Services (photocopy facility at subsidized rates.
  • To explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and conveniently to users in the campus. To also provide well-equipped and functional physical spaces where students can pursue learning independently beyond the classroom.


  • To provide comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching, and learning needs of the academic community
  • To facilitate access to right Information at the right time in the right manner so as to produce productive citizens to this great nation in general and to our community in particular.
  • Putting technology to use innovatively for the flexible delivery of services and resources to users regardless of location within the campus.

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